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[UE4] [1080p] Making an android project. #programming #coding #ue4

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Russian, C++ learner and UE4 gameplay mechanics "developer" :D I've been working in UE4 since the version 4.2 has been released, so I've learnt a few things already. I still don't have any real game project that's why I'm finally about to start one. At the moment, I got 2 projects in my mind: a game project for android tablet (needs controller to run) and TMI (Turing Machine Interpretator) Stay tuned in! :)

Chat Rules

  1. :1 break; goto 1;
  2. put delays in ticks, it's really handy to kill the execution flow! x)
  3. cpp::everything();


1. A game project for android tablet

(needs controller to run)

I'll do my best to at least start working on that! :D

2. TMI

Turing Machine Interpretator

It's basically an interpretator of Turing Machine with some cool features like step-by-step commands execution, "time traveling", etc.

3. (not that cool) University simple task (hardcore version)

Trading organization :D

It's about making trading organization with markets/warehouses and buyers, so it'll try to make a little text-based game (kind of) out of it.

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Feel free to reach me at

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[UE4] [1080p] Making an android project. #programming #coding #ue4
By: zikdoz
Let's hope it'll work out in some way xd
over 3 years ago
Total Views: 239
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